Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
19 - 21 February 2020
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Conference Programme

DAY 1: 19 February 2020
Time Conference Room: A
1000-1100 Inauguration Ceremony: Digital India: Connecting the Unconnected
1100-1130 Networking Tea break
Time Conference Room: A (5G and Beyond Leadership Summit) Conference Room: B (IoT) Conference Room: C (Fintech)
1130-1300 Opening Session: 5G: Where are we at? Plenary Session: IoT: Invented for connected world Plenary Session: Exploring the era of digital money
1300-1400 Networking lunch
1400-1450 The infrastructure roadblock and economics of 5G in India 1400-1530
Cities of future through IoT
Financial Inclusion
1500-1540 Intelligence-led big data analytics in a 5G world 1530-1545
Networking tea break
1545-1615 The combination of 5G and AI 1545-1715
IoT evolving healthcare
Digital lending
1615-1630 Networking tea break
1630-1745 Ensuring the 5G Revolution is a Success from all cornerstones

DAY 2: 20 February 2020
Time Conference Room: A (OTT Summit) Conference Room: B Conference Room: C (AI and Blockchain Summit)
1000-1100 Opening session: Embracing the OTT revolution 1000-1130
Industry 4.0: Digitizing manufacturing
Unlocking AI and blockchain full potential
1100-1145 Overwhelming OTT: Telcos’ growth strategy in a digital world 1130-1145
Networking tea break
1145-1200 Networking tea break 1145-1315
Embedded technologies for IoT
AI and Blockchain use cases in service sector
1200-1315 A new matrix for OTT business
1315-1400 Networking lunch
1400-1445 How OTT players are capitalizing on AI? 1400-1530
Changing education landscape with IoT
AI, machine learning and big data
1445-1615 Original Content: Capturing India's next billion subscribers 1530-1545
Networking tea break
1615-1630 Networking tea break 1545-1630
Unlocking the untapped potential of IoT in utilities: IoT - Is the water sector ready?
IoT to improve energy management
AI & blockchain technology benefits together
1630-1715 Decoding kids' genre in OTT space

DAY 3: 21 February 2020
Time Conference Room: A (Cyber Security Conclave) Conference Room: B (Startup Conclave) Conference Room: C
1000-1045 Opening Session: Cyber Security in the age of digital transformation 1000-1130
Decoding the opportunities and challenges for techpreneurs
Gamethon: The evolving future of gaming
1045-1130 New emerging trends of Cyber Crimes
1130-1145 Networking tea break
1145-1230 Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Cyber Security 1145-1315
Presentations from selected startups
FTTH Summit (2 sessions: 45 min each)
1230-1315 Cyber Espionage: The new trend that industries should worry about
1315-1400 Lunch & Exhibition Visit  
  *Programme is subject to change without prior notice